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West Point Town Council
recognized actions of three police officers


Master Police Officer Carlos Moran, Officer Richard Morris and Master Police Officer Eric Mitchell of the West Point Police Department, accompanied by Police Chief Bobby Mawyer, proudly display their recognitions at the Town Council meeting on June 24. (Amy Jo Martin / July 1, 2014)


Three West Point Police Department (WPPD) officers, Master Police Officer Eric Mitchell, Master Police Officer Carlos Moran and Officer Richard Morris, attended the recognition on June 24 in their honor for going above and beyond the call of duty.


Please take notice that on the 22nd day of April at 6:30 PM, the West Point Town Council will conduct a public hearing on the proposed FY 2014-2015 budget as shown below. The public hearing will take place at Town Hall located at 329 6th Street, West Point, VA 23181. All interested persons are invited to participate in the public hearing.
Town Administration   Local Taxes / Fees
Town Council  $  63,000   Real Estate Tax  $  2,159,690
Town Manager   $ 251,466   Public Service Tax  $  83,606
Town Treasurer  $  244,700   Personal Property $  453,144
Human Resources   $  82,313   Machinery and Tools   $ 2,531,638
Court Appointed Counsel   $  2,000   Penalties/Interest   $ 52,000
Building Official   $  87,832   Local Sales and Use Tax   $ 220,000
Community Development   $  87,794   Consumer Utility Tax  $  67,500
Economic Development   $ 28,000   Natural Gas Tax  $  42,000
Planning Commission   $  2,000   Utility Consumption Tax  $  47,500
Board of Zoning Appeals   $  1,200   Business License   $ 165,000
Wetlands Board   $  1,200   Bank Franchise  $ 15,000
Total  $  851,505   Meals Tax   $ 250,000
    Building Permits  $  20,000
Public Safety    Community Development Fees  $  9,200
  Court Fines and Forfeitures  $  35,000
Fire Department   $ 100,000   State Communications Tax  $  90,000
Emergency Communications  $  59,700   Revenue From King William County $  150,000
Police Department  $  705,142   Other Local Taxes (1)  $  50,000
Total $  864,842   Total  $  6,441,278
Public Works    Intergovernmental 
Public Works  $ 195,162   State Aid to Localities
(non School) (2) 
$ 491,650
Streets / Alleys  $  350,523    
General Properties   $ 244,417   Other Revenues 
Cemetery   $ 27,300  
Total  $ 817,402   Bank Interest  $  40,000
    Miscellaneous Revenue (3)   $ 217,275
Recreation / Library    Payments from Other Agencies (4)  $  361,200
Library   $ 14,300   Cemetery Revenue  $  6,000
Chesty Puller 10K-2011  $  8,800   Total $  624,475
Total  $  23,100    
    Total General Fund Revenue   $7,557,403
Non-Departmental  Total $  580,154    
Local Aid to Schools  Total $  4,005,000    
Transfer to 2012 Long Term Debt  $  250,000    
Transfer to Fund Balance  $  165,400   Capital Improvements Program Revenue
Total  $  415,400   Safe Routes to School $  33,600
    Transfer in from Capital Fund Balance  $  232,400
Total General Fund Expenditures  $ 7,557,403   Total  $  266,000
Capital Improvement Program Expenditures  $  266,000    
Total General Fund & CIP Expenditures   $ 7,823,403   Total General Fund & CIP Revenues  $ 7,823,403
West Point Public School Expenditures   West Point Public School Revenue 
    Intergovernmental - Public School 
Instruction  $  7,340,451   Federal Aid for Public School  $  330,672
Attend/Health  $  448,878   Local Aid (Town)  $  4,005,000
Pupil Transportation  $  243,843   State School Aid  $  4,444,412
Operation / Maintenance  $  983,004   Total  $  8,780,084
Exterior Canopies Project  $  333,000   Other Revenue - Public Schools 
School Food Services  $  156,839   Tuition and other School Revenue  $ 371,900
Debt Service  $  78,969   Federal Stimulus Funds  $ -  
Total  $ 9,584,984   FY 13 Carry Forward Funds  $  100,000
    Ellis Olsson Memorial Foundation  $  333,000
Capital Improvements  $ -     Capital Projects - Schools  $  -  
    Total $  804,900
Total School Fund Expenditures $  9,584,984   Total School Fund Revenue $  9,584,984
Water Utility Expenditures    Water Utility Revenues 
Billing and Collections  $  80,463   Water Service Charges  $  516,808
Water Supply  $  67,500   Penalties  $  35,000
Water Distribution  $  245,856   Water Connection Fees  $  1,500
Reimbursement to General  $  108,200   Facility Fees $  10,500
Re-payment for Capital Expense  $  159,000   Volunteer Water Service On/Off  $  1,500
Transfer to Water Emergency  $ $96,281   Water Meter Purchase  $  1,500
Transfer to Water Replacement  $  96,282   Water Cut-Off Non-payment  $  5,600
  Water Court Fees  $  1,500
  Transfer in From Water Fund Balance  $  279,674
Total Water Utility Expenditures  $  853,582   Total Water Utility Revenue  $  853,582
Solid Waste Expenditures    Solid Waste Revenues 
Solid Waste Collection  $  147,378   Solid Waste Charges  $  171,000
Fleet Replacement Payment  $  20,000   Recycling (OCC/MIXED PAPER)(13)  $ $7,000.00
Transfer to Solid Waste Fund Balance  $  11,222   Recycling (COMIX)(13)  $  600.00
Total Solid Waste Expenditures  $  178,600   Total Solid Waste Revenue  $  178,600
Total FY 2014-15 Expenditures (5) $  14,168,369   Total FY 2014-15 Revenues (5) $ 14,168,369
(1) Vehicle License Tax  $  50,000   (3) ITI Rent  $  135,960
(2) Motor Vehicle Carriers Tax  $  $-              School Rent  $  13,300
         HB 599 Funds  $  71,100            Miscellaneous  $  15,000
         Fire Grant  $  8,000            DMV License Agent Payments  44,000
         VA Wireless Board  $  38,000            Chesty Puller 10K  $  $9,015
         PPTRA VA Personal Property  $  366,550   $  217,275
          Law Enforcement Grant  $  8,000  
         Tax Total $  491,650   (4) Transfer from Fund Balance  $  -  
           Transfer from EDA $  79,000
           Transfer from Water Utility  $  267,200
           Public Safety Reimbursement  $  10,000
           VA Arts    $  5,000
  $  361,200
(5) Total figure for Fy2014-15 Expenditure and Revenues do not reflect the transfers between funds   $4,272,200
Tax Rate   FY 14   FY 15
Real Estate   $0.27 per $100 assessed value   $0.64 per $100 assessed value
Personal Property   $2.25 per $100 assessed value   $3.52 per $100 assessed value
Machinery & Tools   $1.21 per $100 assessed value   $2.40 per $100 assessed value
A complete copy of FY 2014-2015 budget for the Town of West Point may be reviewed at Town Hall, 329 6th Street, West Point, Virginia 23181. Any person requiring assistance to participate in the public hearing is asked to contact Town Hall at (804) 843-3330 in advance of the public hearing so that appropriate arrangements may be made.
By Order of the West Point Town Council


Patches are still available!

The West Point Police Department is supporting breast cancer awareness and research. These patches were provided under a generous grant from the Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation with support of members of the Mattaponi Crime Solvers with all the proceeds going to breast cancer awareness and research.

Call the police department (804-843-2800) to purchase one for only $10.

Town of West Point Police Department Receives the designation of being the smallest accredited police department in the Commonwealth.

The West Point Police Department was awarded accredited status by the Virginia Law En-forcement Professional Standards Commission (VLEPSC) at the West Point Town Council meeting held on October 29, 2013. Chief Emmett Harmon of the James City County PD (representing VLEPSC) and Mr. Gary Dillon of the Department of Criminal Justice Services presented the certificate which now proudly hangs in the front foyer of the police depart-ment. Also in attendance to show support of the department and this accomplishment were Sheriff Jeff Walton of King William, Sheriff Wakie Howard and Chief Deputy Joe McLaughlin of New Kent and Retired Chief Tom Clark.

Of the nearly 400 law enforcement agencies in Virginia, the West Point Police Department is one of only 89 agencies to become accredited. The Department also has the designation of being the smallest accredited police department in the Commonwealth.

The VLEPSC accreditation program is designed to measure and confirm compliance with the professional standards recognized as the best management practices of the law en-forcement community. In Virginia, law enforcement agencies can seek and achieve accredited status but they are not required to do so. This process is completely voluntary which further distinguishes the West Point Police Department for their commitment to professionalism and their willingness to be measured by and compared to the best in the profession.

2012 Blue Ribbon Exemplary High Performing School AwardNational Blue Ribbon Award

It is my pleasure to inform members of the West Point Pointer Family that West Point High School received notification that the school is the recipient of the National Blue Ribbon Award. The U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, announced the 2012 National Blue Ribbon Schools. The National Blue Ribbon School program recognizes public and private schools for outstanding student achievement. The program is designed to highlight best practices in educational leadership and teaching. The Virginia Department of Education nominated West Point High School as one of only two high schools in Virginia for the 2012 award. West Point High School was one of only 269 schools to receive this award, out of more than 100,000 U.S. schools. Since 1982, the U.S. Department of Education has sought schools in which students meet and/or exceed rigorous academic achievement goals. The National Blue Ribbon Award is the result of exemplary student achievement and the hard work of a dedicated and talented staff. This is a return on our community's investment in the students of West Point Public Schools and the emphasis placed on a quality education for all students.

Please join the West Point School Board and me as we offer congratulations to members of the West Point High School on receiving this prestigious honor.

Jeff Smith, WPPS Superintendent

This link has been provided for additional information on the National Blue Ribbon Schools program.


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Town Council meetings for the month of September will be as follows:

Monday, September 1

Town Hall Closed

Monday, September 8

5:00 p.m. – Community Development Committee

Thursday, September

4:30 p.m. – Finance Committee

Wednesday, September 17

CANCELLED – Education Committee

Thursday, September 18

CANCELLED – Public Works Committee

Thursday, September 18

RESCHEDULED – Public Safety Committee

Thursday, September 25

4:30 p.m. – Public Safety Committee

Tuesday, September 30

6:00 p.m. – Town Council Work Session

Tuesday, September 30

6:30 p.m. – Town Council


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Town of West Point Departmental Budget Requests FY 14-15 Download Budget Request PDF Town Manager's Recommended Budget


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