Streets & Alleys

The Streets & Alleys Department provides general maintenance for all town streets and other right-of-way property.

As an incorporated town with a population under 3,500 residents, the Town of West Point shares certain maintenance responsibilities with the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Virginia Department of Transportation maintenance responsibilities include:

  • Pavement patching and resurfacing
  • Roadside Drainage and drainage which negatively impacts the roadway
  • Sidewalks within the right-of-way, constructed and funded as part of a VDOT construction project
  • Snow Removal - VDOT gives first priority to primary routes, then secondary routes
Town of West Point maintenance responsibilities include:

  • General Street Maintenance
  • Street Sweeping Program
  • Street Signage, Name Blades
  • General Pothole Repair
  • Alley Maintenance (North/South Alleyways)
  • General Sidewalk Maintenance
  • General Grass Maintenance
  • Public Drainage