Building Code Board of Appeals

In accordance with the § 36-105 of the Code of Virginia, there shall be established within each local building department a local board of building code appeal (LBBCA). The LBBCA shall consist of at least five members appointed by the locality for a specific term of office established by written policy. Any person aggrieved by the local building department's application of the USBC or the refusal to grant a modification to the provisions of the USBC may appeal to the LBBCA. The applicant shall submit a written request for appeal to the LBBCA within 30 calendar days of the receipt of the decision being appealed. The LBBCA shall meet within 30 calendar days after the date of receipt of the application for appeal. The LBBCA shall have the power to uphold, reverse or modify the decision of the official by a concurring vote of a majority of those present. Decisions of the LBBCA shall be final if no further appeal is made. After final determination by the LBBCA in an appeal, any person who was a party to the appeal may further appeal to the State Review Board. In accordance with Section 36-114 of the Code of Virginia. For the complete code requirements, see Section 119 of the Virginia Construction Code. 

Building Appeal Request
SEQ No First Name Last Name Position & Term Expiration Email Phone
1.00 Chase Evans Member; 9/30/24 (804) 357-8612
2.00 David Layne Member; 9/30/27 (804) 466-0022
3.00 James Vadas Member; 9/30/26 (804) 785-3333
4.00 Blair Wilson Member; 9/30/26 (804) 843-9744
5.00 Lynn Wilson Member; 9/30/25 (804) 380-0218