Building Safety Month 2024 - Property Maintenance

2024 Building Safety Month

As Building Safety Month 2024 comes to a close, we hope you've gained valuable insights into our Building and Community Development departments, the permitting process, pool and outdoor structure safety, and the importance of hiring licensed contractors. For our final article, we turn to the critical issue of property maintenance and its impact on building safety. Maintaining properties is essential not only for enhancing the town's aesthetic appeal for our residents and guests, but also for ensuing the safety and well-being of our community.

Property maintenance in the Town of West Point encompasses more than just landscaping upkeep like mowing lawns and trimming hedges. It involves maintaining the overall condition of structures on residential, commercial, and industrial properties. This comprehensive approach ensures that buildings remain safe and functional. By adhering to the Town of West Point Code of Ordinances and the Virginia Maintenance Code, we maintain standards that protect the integrity of properties in town. Proper maintenance prevents the deterioration of buildings, addresses potential hazards, and supports the town's infrastructure, including draining systems and utility lines, while protecting individual investments and enhancing the quality of our community.

Neglected properties can pose significant risks, including structural failures and health hazards. In response to these concerns, West Point Town Council has prioritized property maintenance, with evaluations set to begin June 1, 2024. Inspections will focus on identifying issues such as deteriorated wood, roofing, siding, broken windows and doors, peeling paint, overgrown yards, large debris, junk vehicles, and more. By addressing these concerns promptly, we ensure that West Point remains a safe and welcoming community for all residents and visitors.

As we've shared this month, our Building and Community Development departments are here to answer any questions you have about building safety, permitting, contractors, property maintenance, and much more. Our staff's guidance and expertise will help ensure your projects are completed safely and successfully from start to finish.