Building Permits

As a service to residents, a Town of West Point building official is available to handle building and property maintenance questions. Residents may pick up and drop off building permits in the reception area of Town Hall. Property maintenance and building inspections are conducted daily. The Building Official handles permit processing and inspections. If questions arise before your next construction project, please call (804) 843-3426.

Plans approved by the Town of West Point must be available on every job site. The building permit, building permit number and site address must be posted within public view. In compliance with Section 311 of the International Plumbing Code - 2003, toilet facilities shall be provided for construction workers and such facilities shall be maintained in a sanitary condition. Construction workers toilet facilities of the non sewer type shall conform to ANSI Z4.3.

To request an inspection you must provide:

  • Permit Number
  • Type of Inspection
All inspections must be requested prior to 4:30 pm to be scheduled for the next business day. While we will make every effort to perform the inspection on the scheduled date, please allow two business days for completion of each inspection requested. Please note: Arrival can be requested for footings (one hour timeframe), floor joists inspections (am or pm) and inspections that require entry into an occupied structure (am or pm). Requests not meeting these criteria will not be accommodated.
Required Inspections:
  • Erosion and Sediment Control: Erosion and sediment control inspection (E and S) must be completed on all building projects that require a Land Disturbance Permit. E and S control measures (e.g. silt fence, construction entrance) must be installed.
  • Footing: Required after trenches have been excavated, forms and grade stakes have been erected, before concrete is placed. Note: 18" to bottom of footing, 8" minimum concrete thickness. Wooden grade stakes are not permitted in bottom of footings.
  • Slab: Required after reinforcing and vapor retardant has been set and before any concrete is placed. Minimum slope to the overhead door is 2".
  • Foundation and Projection: To be made when foundation wall has been completed before floor joists and plates have been installed. Projection inspection shall be made concurrently with the foundation inspection - required after the block has been laid and before the outside exterior walls are backfilled on either side.
  • Floor System: Required after floor joists or trusses are installed but before decking is installed. This inspection may be requested as am or pm
  • Rough-in
    • Veneer: Required after exterior sheathing, flashing and weather resistant membranes have been installed.
    • Framing: Required to be made with the rough-in plumbing, mechanical and electrical inspections. Truss drawings bearing the engineer's stamp must be provided on-site for the inspector's review. The office must also receive a stamped copy prior to requesting this inspection.
    • Rough-in Plumbing: Required after all drain, waste, vent and water distribution piping has been installed. Drain, waste and vent shall be filled with water or provided with five psi of positive air pressure at the time of the inspection. Water piping shall be provided with water test at working pressure of the system but not less than 50 psi.
    • Rough-in Mechanical: Required after duct work has been installed including: boots, returns, refrigerants lines and condensate lines. Supply and return opening must be covered.
    • Rough-in Electrical: Required after all wiring has been pulled for ceiling fans, smoke detectors, switches, receptacles and all other appliances.
    • Rough-in Gas: Gas inspection with pressure test shall be by means of a 30 psi gauge with a test pressure of 15 psi showing on the gauge.
  • Permanent Power: Required after the meter base and panel box have been set and the system has been properly grounded. At least one receptacle outlet on a ground fault protected circuit shall be installed and the circuit wiring terminated. The building roof covering shall be installed. (This means final covering.) Two driven ground rods are required.
  • Insulation: Required after insulation has been installed to sidewalls and other areas that will be covered but prior to the installation of wall coverings.
  • Final Gas: Conducted in conjunction with the final building inspection. Requires the appliance to be set and connected and the shutoff valve installed.
  • Final: Required after insulation has been completed, yard has been graded, address has been permanently posted as required and building is ready to be occupied. To insure timely issuance of the /certificate of occupancy, a Virginia Department of Health Sewage Disposal System Operation Permit must be issued by the King William Health Department (KWHD) prior to requesting a final building inspection. Allow five working days for KWHD to issue operation permit after all required inspections are performed and all required paperwork has been received. Please call (804) 843-3422 ext. 4988 for any questions regarding your Operation Permit.
Separate permits are required for plumbing, mechanical and electrical work. Applications for these permits are included in your building permit package, may be obtained by your general contractor or download here.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print permit forms.

For all applications that fail twice or fail due to incomplete work, a $50.00 re-inspection fee is required. Payment must be received prior to requesting a re-inspection to be scheduled.
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